Sunderland 300th
Celebrating 3 Centuries of Communitiy

House Plaques

Offered for houses 100 years or older


House Plaques

To Celebrate the upcoming 300th Anniversary of Sunderland a local craftsman has offered his services to create custom plagues for Historic Sunderland homes of 100 years or older. If you are interested in having this unique designation mounted on your home please provide the following: 

•    Year of construction
•    Name of the original family to have built or lived in the home.


*    This information can be found on the Massachusetts Historic Commission Archives website - . Or you can find this information in the “Sunderland Resource Cultural Inventory Books” (3 large maroon binders) located in the Local History section of the Sunderland Public Library.
** Installation of the plaques are up to the home owner. The completed plaques will be available for pick up a time to be announced at the Graves Memorial
***Donations for these custom crafted plaques are tax deductible and can be made out to the Swampfield Historical Society. All proceeds going to the Swampfield Historical Society.


*    Cowls Lumber who has kindly donated the materials for this project

*Mike Walunas who has offered his craftsman talent to create these plaques.

•    You may send an email request to

•    Or Contact Mike directly at 413-548-9361