Sunderland 300th
Celebrating 3 Centuries of Communitiy


Sunderland 300th Souvenirs

The Sunderland 300th Souvenirs are here!  


Come visit us at an event below or come into town hall to get yours today!

Thank you for your support for the Sunderland 300th Anniversary Celebration.

Any questions please email: Souvenir 300th Committee, call/email at: 413-665-7256

Get yours today while supplies last!



You can find Souvenirs for sale at the following events:

  • Basketball Tournament- Friday March 16-18 at the Sunderland Elementary School


Longtime Sunderland residents Dan Olanyk and Debbie Wilder of D&D Custom Solutions have created beautiful engraved souvenirs ready for purchase!  A portion of the profits from their Sunderland Anniversary collection go towards helping to fund activities happening town wide this next year! 

Check out:  

for more 300th Anniversary souvenirs as well as other beautiful personalized gifts!

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